sites I think you might like to visit….

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Angel’s Dream : Art and BJD accessories

Anna Brahms

Barton Originals – Art of Enchantment and Whimsey by Sue Barton

beinArt Surreal Art Collective : Incredible gallery of surreal and outsider artists

Bonnie Jones – Original Doll Sculptures

dollproject – Jessica Acosta

Enaibi – etude d’Enaibi : Wonderful French BJD and graphic artist

Enchanted Hearts – Deb Wood


ForestBeings – Art by Forest Rogers

Gail Lackey – ghosties, fairys and magical things….

Goblinz Bloggie

Hanano – the most amazing bjd artist…

Hannie Sarris – Fairy Fantasy Art

Hizuki Doll

Interstitial Arts Foundation

Eileen Sterbach – Intrepid Creations

Joanna Thomas Art Dolls

Lorell Lehman Notes from the Fae side

MicroDolls – Daniela Kiefhaber’s incredible dollhouse sized bjds, direct sculpted in porcelain

Susie McMahon dolls – beautiful painted cloth art dolls

Minori doll

Mocking Myths Studio – Victoria Mock

Nicole West

OddDollz by Jacqui

Oddfae and Autumnthings….

Pixiwillow – the Art and Sculpture of Michelle Bradshaw

Rachael Direnna – Figurative Paper

Rebecca Schumacher – Sculpture illustration paintings….

Shelly Lampshire Originals

Sleetwealth Studio – the art of Nita Collins

Strangedolls – Beth Robinson

Studio Naiad – Art by Laura Kaufman

Studio Willich – the art of Jill Willich

Original Artwork by Tina von Wiesen

Virginie Ropars – Exquisite art of French artist Virginie Ropars

Wooded Woods – Original Art Dolls by Kamila Mlynarczyk

4 thoughts on “sites I think you might like to visit….

  1. Pat,Love your creations!!! congrats on your selling foohills!! Was this the rather ample lady?I’m going to try to make niada this year,hope to meet you and see your wonderful work!! Rosie

  2. Hi Pat ~
    This is the first time I’ve been to your blog, and I think you’ve done such a wonderful job. The pictures, your writing.
    I do hope our paths will cross this year in Las Vegas at NIADA~

  3. Hi, Sorry for my bad English.
    I saw your dolls and was just fascinated!
    Your works are great. Unfortunately, I can only see them on the Internet,I live in Russia. Аnd perhaps your work in reality even more beautiful. Ирина.

  4. I really enjoy just cruseing around your Blog and finding new tidbits. Of coarse I also really admire and enjoy your work and the most interesting and wonderful places you put up to go exsploreing. I hope to meet you at NIADA, one day
    Michelle Lee

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