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  1. Hi Pat, Lizzee sent me your link- You are a blogger!! And looks like you are doing wonderfully. PS I noticed you mentioned Marilyn Razdat. She and two girlfriends are coming to my workshop in France in 2008! Small world huh. xoxo Dayle

  2. Hi Pat, it will take me weeks to read all of your blogs and catch up with all the work you have done! I’m loving many of the pieces ~ you know, of course, the angels! Your world seems so exciting….I can see why you didn’t stop to see me in Providence, I must seem like a boring peon to you now! How strange what twists and turns life takes. I loved seeing the pictures of you, the same as I remember you! I’ve checked out many of the sites you’ve listed and found some I love and will pass along. Did you make it out to see Sue while you were in the area? You’ve outgrown collecting and are the artist now? How I remember our first attempts! I still think of you often and I’m happy for you to have found your niche! I haven’t found mine yet, seen it around anyplace?!
    your old friend,
    marge ~

  3. Hi Pat-

    I’d like to send you some copies of the issue of DOLLS that features your work. Can you send your mailing address?


    Carie Ferg

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