making asian style ball jointed dolls

I fell in love with asian bjds awhile back… there are some incredible artists that you can find on the web –
check out Minori Doll and Hizuki Doll for example, and follow their links for many more…

Many commercial ones are becoming available here – One of the largest Japanese companies has a US site now, Volks USA. Many of my personal favorites are Korean, like Custom House and Dollstown. And there are starting to be some really nice small Chinese companies available – like Myth Doll

Some wonderful places to see dolls by dozens of the companies are Gigglegeek and Atziluth.

Thru a forum for commercial asian ball jointed dolls, Den of Angels, I’ve met and found a number of artists making their own bjds –

Nita Collins, Sleetwealth will be releasing Briar soon :

Fancy Boots released Liebchen

Eileen Sterbach has lovely one of a kind bjds at Intrepid Creations

Check out Bishonen House

Kaye Wiggs has lovely resin bjds

and got interested in making my own.

There are a bunch of tutorials on the web – but definitely my favorite is this one. click on each link, and pull it into Babelfish to translate.

just a quick update – I’ve started a tutorial on making a jointed bjd hand and posted it at :
BJD Tutorial : Sculpting a jointed hand for a bjd

I did a minor tutorial for Den of Angels awhile back, that I’ll put up here too.

There is a wonderful book available in Japan, Yoshida Style that is a tutorial on making bjds in airdry clay.

here are a few of the bjds i’m working on




Big Boy

and sometimes just for fun….

after seeing Ghost Rider I just had to try making a skull head for a bjd…. not great, but ok for proof of concept!

Johnny Blaze

that is what I love most about these – being able to play….

15 thoughts on “making asian style ball jointed dolls

  1. ah Kii —-
    very very true –

    but part of me loved trying to figure out what in the world was going on by just poking around and seeing what happened….

    hey! thanks!!! Google’s translator works better than

    I wonder how it works for Korean – I haven’t found anything that translates Korean well yet…

    take care

  2. real close!!! I like La Doll a lot — but these pieces are actually Premier by the same folk who produce La Doll

    just make sure you get the Premier in the red package – there is another version out there that isn’t good for final sculpting at all….

  3. Hi! Thank you so much for posting this, I’m actually doing a stint in the military, but I’m really an artist and I plan on making my own BJD. Everyone here sees my work, then sees such good work online and they ask me why I’m even in the Army?! I wonder too…anyways, I have your great links and my own lovely little Soul Kid Miribyeol (Aislinn) here in Iraq with me and in part thanks to you I’m inspired to start making my own BJD! Thanks, great pix and great links! I love the mermaid bjd!

  4. hey Erica,

    would love to see your bjd! do you have pics somewhere? I’ve gone thru about 6 different iterations of what i want to do with my life — though I never tried the Army…. How much longer are you signed up for? Are you on Den of Angels? If so, did you see the BJD artists workshop they held last month? If you got in contact with some of the folk for that (like Twigling, or Donn etc – ) they would be great resources on how to get started doing it commercially.

    I had a Soul Kid Chase that I loved – she was the french resin and it was just beautiful… sold her to get some money to go to a NIADA conference… priorities are so hard sometimes…

    take care

  5. Hi Pat!
    I just got your message! I do have pix of my soul kid on flickr under Pooky or Pookinopolis, I’ll have to get back to you with a link on that one! Also I have some of my artwork, mostly 2D on myspace, under kookypooky.
    The Army thing kinda surprised me as well! In college it was Art, Biology and Medicine, or the Army…I chose the art degree but ended up joining the Army to 1. see if I could do it! 2. Pay back school loans. Thank goodness I only had to do a 3 yr contract so I only have about 18 months left in! I did try to get on Den of Angels, but had some difficulty setting up my account, I’m going to try again though!
    I saw your site and I think it’s incredible!!!! I love “Waiting”! I have never worked with apoxy before! Do you like it??!! Right now, I only have sculpey here, I would like to try cernit. Tonight I’ll see if I can take some pictures of some of the BJD heads that I’m actually sculpting!
    I’ll show em to you!
    Talk to you later!

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  7. Hi Pat,
    I know you haven’t posted on this site in over a year, but I have a question for you. I am an artist (draw,paint, digital). was wondering if I could use the pictures of your BJD’s to draw, or paint, or use in photoshop to manipulate? Are you the photographer of them? I just wanted to use them as inspiration, I have trouble drawing from memory, and they truly did inspire me. If you get this could you e mail me at the address I provided? Thanks for your time,

  8. Thank you so much for posting these references! I just discovered art dolls and have made 3, but I’m dying to try making a bjd. Your work is breathtaking!!!!!

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