the bone dragon’s daughter – final pictures

Lloyd Wilson took some really great pictures of the Bone Dragon’s Daughter for me at NIADA this year…

sculpture image

sculpture image

sculpture image

sculpture image

4 thoughts on “the bone dragon’s daughter – final pictures

  1. Hi Pat

    I just found your blog and loved looking at your work.
    I never did congratulate you on being accepted into Niada. I’m so proud of you!!

    This piece is fantastic!

  2. Hi pat, how are you? I tag you!
    Here are the rules….

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  3. Hello!

    It’s been a while since we spoke, Pat. And I was so pleased to find your blog.

    The Bone Dragon’s Daughter is brilliant! I love her! So sensual, with such poise! Looking at your art this spring caused me to take up working with different paper clays and I must say, I am sold on them as a medium for larger works.

    I am finally back at sculpting again, after taking the summer off to evaluate my artistic direction. I am focusing on my BJD art for the next few months and I had decided to look you up and see what you were up to. It’s terrific to see your latest work.


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