working on bjd heads….

not having enough brain power to realize i’m running on empty — trying to get 2 bjds in resin for NIADA in July and getting ready to give brief demos on jointing bjds there, preparing to teach a class on sculpting heads for bjds in October, trying to get 1 decent piece in paperclay for gallery night at NIADA, and contributing to a couple of magazine articles…. so i decided to try some commissions for bjd heads to keep from getting bored. I wonder if i can convince my boss at my day job that i should be squishing clay at work….. no, maybe not.

this commission thing is hard for me – i really tend to get side tracked by an idea and swing off in directions not necessarily desired by the person who made the commission.

but its fun to listen to other folk talk about the heads they want, and to see what kinds of ideas they spark. The person i started the commission for had the most gloriously pointed eyes and the neatest shaped mouth. I still haven’t caught her mouth right…. but the first try i went for I got side tracked off into a dangerous dark fae head… had great fun.
 head front
 head side

but the person wasn’t looking for a dark unseelie queen…. so I started working on making her into a kinder, gentler fae –

and I think she is beautiful this way too. hmmm, that right ear doesn’t look right, does it?

 head front

 head front

I think there is a problem with people seeing past the grey clay. I may need to work on these in a more normal skin tone. but meanwhile i guess i’ll make molds and cast junk casts in neutral resin to show folk. Its interesting, I think the silicon for the molds may leach some of the diluent out of the sculpy when you make molds of the unbaked clay. it gets hard and crumbly.

I wonder how it wold be to work on these in earth clay. may have to try that – earthclay moves really nicely…. i wonder how it works with silicon….

ok, enough procrastination. need to get back to sanding…

4 thoughts on “working on bjd heads….

  1. You are taking commissions? *dies* If I could afford that I think I’d just give you a general concept and let you run with it from there. Your imagination is much better than mine! 😀

    I love seeing sculpts in gray clay. I guess because I’m used to working with it myself. But I’m not sure it’s just the gray clay people can’t get past. It seems like people need to see a doll with a full faceup to ‘understand’ how it looks. Which is misleading since different faceups can completely change the look of a sculpt.

  2. I love that first head…. I’d have given it a home without a second thought. I didn’t know you’d take commissions. I’d be dead excited if I could have a head you’d made…. Please would you consider making one for me!

  3. I think the grey colour is great to work in, because you can see the shadows and definition better.

    Though i think that Merry, nailed why people can not see past it…

    Love the head, ears, the mouth, vera fey like…

    Wish i could go and see all up close and personal, it sounds like all the conferences are going to be really something this year.

    Great work, thank you so much for sharing.


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