I’m back, and boy am I behind!!!

we spent May moving my eldest and her husband to Illinois …. Melina, Paul and my husband rented a u-haul truck and drove from California to Illinois with all their worldly goods. I had the easy part of the move – their two cats, Bascom and Ceres moved into my house, and once the kids were safely in Illinois – my job was to fly out there with the cats.

Bascom and Ceres are great cats. Ceres was rescued as a 3 week old or so kitten from the bushes at one of the community colleges I work at —- she is fairly unique looking – dark tabby with some stripes, some spots and the longest thinnest tail i’ve ever seen on a cat. Ceres is a reserved cat, she loves Paul passionately, but unless the rest of us are eating fruit or pie, she isn’t very interested in us.

Bascom is huge (actually they are both about the same size – somewhere around 14 lbs each, sturdy little beasts) beautifully marked with a pure white chest and dark beautiful spots and stripes. He loves Melina, but he is happy to share his wonderfulness with the rest of us too.

but anyway – they don’t like their cat carriers. and we needed to put them in the carriers to fly them to their new home. So we came up with the great idea of putting the cats and their carriers in the kids’ bathroom the night before our flight. (which was at 6:15 in the morning – getting to the airport by 4:30 am is not my idea of joy…..)

so the night before, my daughter Meg helped me move the cats – she grabs Bascom, plops him in the bathroom and then goes off to grab Ceres (who of course escaped and ran all over the house before she was caught)

I go and grab the carriers and take them into the bathroom and i’m looking around – Where is Bascom? its a tiny room – but he is nowhere to be seen. i’m checking behind the toilet, in the shower, behind the door – he is nowhere. Meg comes in with Ceres and i’m in panic mode and we are both looking around and suddenly i notice just a shadow, above Meg’s head. It is an internal bathroom – with a skylight about 10 feet up —- and just below the skylight, at about 8 1/2 feet there is a ledge. and there is Bascom

the cat bascom on the ledge

now our family is, ahem, vertically challenged, but thank goodness, Meg’s good friend Jamie is there and Jamie is gloriously over 6′ tall and willing to hop up on a chair and get him down.

The rest of the trip (except for when the airline checkin folk told me i had to take the cats out of the carriers in the middle of the chaos that is the airline terminal so they could prove they were just cats) went great.

we followed up by taking trains to DC, NYC and then along the northern border of the US to the West coast and finally home. It was a great trip —- but BOY AM I BEHIND ON EVERYTHING!!!

hope everyone is having a good spring/beginning of summer – and sure hope I get my act together and get some stuff done before NIADA in july!

One thought on “I’m back, and boy am I behind!!!

  1. Oh, man, Pat…

    What an ADVeNTURe!

    Bascom is no fooL, smart KiTTy!

    Good to hear all went well, i had no idea that they would ask you to remove a cat or cats from carriers…

    Can not wait to see what all you take to NIADA and the other conferences, EnJOYeD your article in Doll Crafter and Costuming.


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