Back from NIADA

and I survived!!!! I made it in too, I am thrilled. This has been a dream of mine since I first saw figures by Robert McKinley, Lisa Lichtenfels, Richard and Jody Creager, and E. J. Taylor. Then I had the really great luck to get to know Forest Rogers and the kindness of Marilyn Radzat and I realized I could use the goal of joining to help me grow – by constantly measuring the quality of my work against the originality, quality and vision of the work of the NIADA artists – I couldn’t help but improve.

I fell in love with work by Chomick and Meder, Hennie Koffrie, Diane Keeler, Donna May Robinson, and so many more…

Have you ever been to a NIADA conference? They have a gallery night where you see figures that set new guidelines for quality and style. I was blown away. I really, really want that constant competition and input to keep trying to make each figure better than the last…

This year two other wonderful artists joined too – Reina Brill and Olga Roehl.

so now i get to take a breather for a little bit and spend some time figuring out what my next goal is — came back with some ideas that had been creeping around in the back of my mind, more defined…. ran out and ordered some flumo — i want to make some jointed paperclay figures and have been thinking a lot about flumo….

and now poor Max the golden retriever is dancing outside the computer room door. so its back to real life – off to walk the dog….

10 thoughts on “Back from NIADA

  1. Pat, i have been holding my breath, waiting for you to get back from the conference. i JUST knew something SPeCiAL was going to happen for you…

    Sending you HUGH CONGRaTULaTiONS!!! I just knew you would make iT iN! That is soooooooo GReAT!

    Your work has always been up there, and just keeps getting better…

    ~*.*^,v`.’~*.*^,v`.’~ HaPpY DaNCe ~*.*^,v`.’~*.*^,v`.’~

    Just doing the HapPy DaNCe for YOU!




  2. Hi Pat, Joanna directed me over here, and I’m so glad she did.
    YOU MADE IT INTO NAIDA!!!! CONGRATULATIONS! Sorry, I just felt like shouting that in case you weren’t quite sure it had actually happened. You deserve it. I have always believed that your work was in that league (NOT being patronizing here). I know that you are humble, but I hope that you finally believe what the rest of us have known for ages. The pieces that you show here are magnificent – I can only drool in envy… Ok, I’d better go & wipe myself off : ) I’ll check in here often know that I know where you’re lurking…

  3. So I’ve just been through & looked at all of your pictures and the sad thought that has occurred to me, is that now I will never be able to afford one! Seriously stunning Pat! I enjoyed your links too – some I had never seen before. That one artist reminds me of the work of Joe Sorren, of whom I have long been a fan. Ever heard of him?

  4. hey guys – thank you all for lovely support! I’m still working on believing it… (you know, that whole “pinch me” thing is getting old, quick!) but i’m really happy.

    one lovely thing is that I don’t seem to have been hit by my normal post-show paralysis — haven’t had a chance to pick up clay yet since i got back, but i’ve been working on sketches and source photos – so thats a great sign. maybe, if i can stop falling asleep as soon as i sit down, i can start squishing this weekend…

  5. hey Coralie! – Joe Sorren! nope, i hadn’t seen his stuff before – really like it though…
    do you get Juxtapoz and High Fructose magazines? I wonder if I’ve seen his stuff there before – have you seen Stormie Miller? I can’t find a good source of pics on line – his site doesn’t display well for me :

  6. Dear Pat,

    Congratulations. I have been following your work since around 2004 when I first saw a figure on, and I know how important this moment is for you. No doubt, you’ve earned it.

    Happy Dollmaking,

  7. Hey Pat, I’ve been wasting some time cruising art sites on the net. More often than not I find a gem. Take a look at this: Slightly on the ghoulish side, but astonishingly good none-the-less. Might give you a little inspiration…?
    Cheers, Coralie

  8. Your work is absolutely stunning, and it’s amazing and well-deserved that you have worked so hard and gotten into NAIDA. I’m a burgeoning doll-maker, and coming across your site has been an inspiration. Thank you!

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