Starting over…

Wow – its been a long time since I’ve posted here… a lot of changes in my life. But now it might be time to start fresh and see if i can get posting and sculpting more again.

I’m preparing for an introductory bjd jointing class at NIADA in Florida in August 2013 right now – (check out the full line up of teachers and classes at

And am in the process of making kits and documenting procedures — so just to get me started – here is a quick concept drawing from the bjd i’m working on for the class :

WIP BJD concept drawing

WIP BJD concept drawing

2 thoughts on “Starting over…

  1. Hooray! You’re back. I’ve missed you soooooo much and am very much looking forward to how the bid class prep and any other projects progress.

  2. Just WOW…. how beautiful this will be! Will any of the tentacles be ball-jointed as well or would this be too small of an area to attempt that?

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