angel lady in a peaceful mood. still havent figured out what is happening on the back (inner sides) of her wings.


angel lady

ok – been futzing around with her wings all morning….
like the tops (though they are very stylized and not realistic at all :

angel lady

and I think i can live with the backs of the wings looking something like this….

angel lady

angel lady

boy do i hate the idea of having to actually finish something – to never be able to change it again. ideas don’t stay static – what seems ok right now won’t be right tomorrow — i wish there were some way to never have to let a piece leave, to always be able to look at it and say – boy did i blow that part, THIS is how it really should have been done….

i wonder if everyone has this problem.
probably not.

One thought on “transitions….

  1. Pat,

    I have wrestled with that thought also, my daughter has always told me, Mom, just let it go… so i try to keep that in mind when completing something… working with theatre props has also taught me to let it go… and you can always create something different, or with the changes… each piece of work is unique in it’s own way and has it’s own story to tell…

    Think outside the box… and just, Let it go… are two favorite sayings of mine that help me go forward. What really makes me happy, is when someone is affected by looking at my work, they are touched in some way…

    This is a gorgeous piece! Do not worry about changing anything, you could always do another piece of work differently or sort of the same with changes that you have decided should be on this one…

    Nothing is set in concrete, you can always create something alike but different… your limits are only your iMaGiNATiON!


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