side project 1 – day 7

hmmm – well, i’m pretty happy with myself for staying mostly focused on doing the sculpt a month for this long — so i guess i’m not too upset that i totally didn’t work on the dragon/snake lady at all this week – and worked on the watcher in the corner instead.

i know it sounds silly, but there has been a sense of a presence watching while i sculpted the dragon lady — nothing scary or strange, just the knowledge that there was someone there kind of shyly watching. so she got formed from clay this week —-

working on her got me thinking about my experiences with a friend who is an incredible artist, combined with a true performer’s soul who can spin a story to captivate her audience thru speech, drawing and sculpting. Me – on a good day i don’t stutter or drool too badly when strangers want to talk to me. Or heavens above – when an artist I admire speaks to me? hopeless. I just can’t string 2 words together.

so when i sensed this little person standing in the corner watching the elegant snake lady perform – I realized it was like me watching my friend enspell any group of artists she meets, or like me in the workshops, watching the artists I admire so much, but can’t talk to.

kind of felt nice, or comfortable to sculpt her.

wish i could do better detail in this paperclay — i think i want to find a tiny bladed but strong knife to work with….

she is about 10″ to the top of her head.

geek in the corner, day 7

geek in the corner, day 7

geek in the corner, day 7

geek in the corner, day 7

geek in the corner, day 7

geek in the corner, day 7

3 thoughts on “side project 1 – day 7

  1. hey Maryellen,

    thanks! i liked her best too — ok, i like the sword sculptor a lot too, but i connected more with this one. hmmm – didn’t notice how bad the pictures were yesterday!

  2. I like the whole piece really I do . . . but that shoulder beastie just slays me. He’s fantastic!

    A no. 11 blade isn’t strong enough?? I haven’t really used paperclay except for a prop watering can but I do use my no. 11 on baked super sculpey. Have you tried using riffler files on the paperclay after it’s dried? Maybe they would work as they come in different shapes to reach different areas.

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