AAAACCCKKKKK!!!! only 2 weeks to go!

oh man, i’m sitting here squishing clay on the poor angel person’s wings (if i pull everything off of the back of her wings again, she will probably stalk off and go sit beside the gargoyle, too mad to come back and let me work on her any more…….) telling myself its ok, its only june got a month to go – when it suddenly dawns on me its the end of june, and i rush and look at the stupid calendar and I only have 2 weeks to finish everything up.

i’m doomed.

the foothill lady (you can see her here) is pretty much done. but i did her for my own enjoyment – not sure anyone will be too interested in her.

I’ll post pics of the angel. I could probably keep futzing around with her for months. sigh. I’m going to sand everything down as best i can and see what happens.

but what for the 3rd piece? and how do i get these big ones out to Detroit? I’ve heard that USPS just raised their shipping costs – guess i’ll have to go check it out.

don’t mind me – just venting a little neurosis over here…..

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