project something, day 7 – 1 week down

oh man, there is never enough time. one week into the 4 weeks, and fumbling my way to knowing who this person is.

i get overly philosophical sometimes – there is something about squishing clay that lets my mind wander free and it is far more presumptions than i am in real life. but i discovered this person didn’t seem to have eyes which started me thinking about a blind sword fighter as a metaphor for life – and i really liked that – grace, alertness, and never able to see what is about to clobber him… so started with just leaving the eye area blank, then gave him a blindfold, and now i’m playing with a hood like falconers put on hawks and falcons. no telling if he will keep it for the whole month, but i like it for right now. got to figure out how to braid 7 or 9 strands correctly though…. or fake it better.

the armature is really in the way to work on the back of him, or to take pictures in the round, so i may take it off now. not sure how sturdy he is.

blind sword dancer

blind sword dancer

blind sword dancer

4 thoughts on “project something, day 7 – 1 week down

  1. LOVE the Hood! Give him a matching codpiece (for visual balance) and I’d call that puppy costumed.

    The whole blind fighter/falcon theme really fits in with the zen-tai chi feeling you have going on.

  2. hey – i didn’t think of a codpiece….. (smirk!) whenever i think of codpieces i remember a truly dreadful( funny!) Black Adder episode…. He was son of King somebody or other of England, and wore this hilariously embarrassing codpiece to court the day his dad declared him bishop of something or other….

    I’ll have to go research slightly more staid ones….

  3. Hey — I love Black Adder. However, Bill Carmen (who has a great blog) used a fish head codpiece (a cod codpiece) on a superhero comic drawing relatively recently (very funny drawing) so between that and flipping through Spectrums to get a general consensus of what gets covered and what stays bare (lots of loin cloths and P. Leia bikini skirts) — well lets just say that the codpiece option was certainly fresh in my mind. HA!

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