project something – day 3

I’m starting to like this guy – about 20″ tall if standing upright – and i’m starting to see a chinese dragon – or an insect like dragon that he is fighting.

thinking a bit about some overthetop gothic leather and buckles clothing – maybe —— saw some outrageous half-corset black leather things that had no practicality at all….. or maybe he needs some variant on chinese clothing? simpler to leave him nude – but what kind of idiot goes to fight a dragon nude?
chinese sword fighter in chavant nsp medium

chinese sword fighter in chavant nsp medium

chinese sword fighter in chavant nsp medium

2 thoughts on “project something – day 3

  1. Chiton inspired form fitting (anatomy revealing) body armor with a Chinese flair might be the answer. Try looking through some volumes of Spectrum — lots of skimpy fantasy body armor there.

    Really like the combination of action and stillness in this pose; very zen.

  2. I’ve always loved watching tai chi — love the dance with edged steel as meditation. so glad that feeling came through some – i’d like to explore that some more – strength, danger, quietness and grace

    I like the idea of chiton-ish. I need to come up with something i haven’t seen before! I love Spectrum – but i’m feeling kind of challenged to do something that is my own vision – how do you make sure that you aren’t unconsiously redoing other images that you’ve seen and no longer remember…

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