I need to take 3 sculpts to NIADA this summer – and am working on a bunch of different projects – hopefully 3 decent pieces will fall out of this.

thoughts of a friend and her family, combined with memories of the music video for the old Live song – Lightening Crashes, and got me thinking about life and death, transitions and angels….

got started on this piece – hoping she will develop into something beautiful

angel armature

a little later – here she is in my very messy workspace (belive it or not, this is very cleaned up for me – I don’t have a formal studio space, instead just grabbing whatever table space is available. unfortunately, some of my family seem to want to eat dinner on the dining room table —- its the best space in the house, lovely french doors out to the back patio let in lots of light – and i can sprawl out….. on the other hand – here is a more acceptable space – the portable work table in the spare bedroom. sigh. oh to be rich…..)

angel in workspace

making some progress here…. the “feathers” feel like skin to me, and i’m playing with thoughts of making the center quill fingerbone like…. I suspect she won’t have hair – but i’m thinking about some sort of something around her head….. or not. i hate deadlines….

angel wip

angel wip

2 thoughts on “angels….

  1. You wrote of wishing to be rich, and I know you meant that as longing for an actual studio space because I have that wish, too. But I have to say this – you ARE rich. No one with talent like yours could be anything SHORT of rich. What beautiful art you make. I loved seeing the progression of wires to wings, and wish I could just sit & watch you MAKE such magic. Beautiful, fluid, amazing!

  2. Ditto on what Kai said…

    Pat i just love watching your work appear… the details, the feeling… beautiful piece. The wings so delicate, the anatomy… I can hardly wait to see your completed pieces of work for NIADA.

    Thank you so much for sharing… your blog looks great by the way.


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