Project 2 day 14

I’m torn between kind of liking how she is turning out, and being terrified because her month is half up and every time i work on her, more things need to be done.

worked a lot on her back and arms (I think her elbows are off by about 20 degrees each!) but not ready for pics. Also started playing with detailing her abdomen – even though her feet are way behind. bad thing to do! this keeping her all at about the same level is hard. trying to give her just a hint of a 6pack but it is too even right now, as are the ribs – no serratus anterior in place yet – and hardly any latissimus dorsi showing wrapping around.
day 14 reclining lady

3 thoughts on “Project 2 day 14

  1. Man, oh man, I am definitely going to have to study some anatomy books to try to keep up with what you’re saying, let alone doing.

    She’s looking pretty good from the pictures but it’s harder to see how everything hangs together when I can’t walk around it. Thanks for saying it’s hard to keep every area at the same level of finish — I’d have a huge difficulty not fixating on one area or another.

  2. hey Pam, the basic anatomy class thru was a major commitment but incredibly valuable – I learned huge amounts. But that said, I’m hopeless at remembering the names of the muscles – i can see them in my mind’s eye – but the name will totally escape me. This site does a pretty good job of reminding me of the names :

    and that whole keeping everything at the same level is one of my major failings. obviously since the poor dear has broken toes, twisted arms but a 6pack!

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