project 2 – day 1

back from family trips, time to start working.

day 1 of 2nd project – made the armature and roughed in with chavant nsp hard.

Interesting clay – I think i will like it a lot. not quite sure how i’ll work with it once it is cold though. I’m using a turkey roaster set at 175 degrees to warm the clay – I think I will try setting it at 150 and putting the whole piece in for a half hour tonight, and see what happens.

first assignment for myself : I like doing rough sculpts, so I really want to not do too much smoothing and finish. So instead, lets see how refined and finished i can make her. or if it kills the sculpt for me. She would be about 22″ standing – should be big enough for decent fingers and toes. wonder what i’ll do about hair. at one point i saw her fingers and toes turning into roots and digging into a rock – but now she looks rather bland. may have to think about that. if i give her a rock base and do the roots, perhaps her hair will be turning into leaves…

first day rough sculpt sitting female in chavant nsp
first day rough sculpt sitting female in chavant nsp

One thought on “project 2 – day 1

  1. You should make something similar to this, but a swamp theme, the arms and legs as slender, feminine forms of swamp tree limbs, then the hands and feet root into boggy swamp waters, and of course, her hair should be long and wavy made from the stuff that drapes from swamp trees, and as for her clothes too, but for her face, glowing yellow eyes to draw attention to her face, and maybe her facial features could resemble how sly an alligator/crocodile is…

    I just realized how carried away I’m getting with detail of the description, I’m so sorry if it’s too much detail for one suggestion to a total and complete stranger, however, I do adore your artwork, and don’t give up!

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