2 thoughts on “jointed bjd hand tutorial – one way to make jointed bjd hands

  1. OMG I got tired just reading the directions… and then even though you are explaining the procedure VERY well it’s like reading Italian to me… : )

    Your work just flabbergasts me!!!
    ” )Pat

  2. Hi patl!
    I am back from my 3 week trip to Turkey-had a wonderful time!
    I recently got over the jetlag and am starting to work on my BJD again.
    Your jointed BJD hand is looking fantastic!!! Thanks so much for the tutorial. I am really learning alot. It will be awhile before I get into making a jointed hand as I still have to learn how to make other simple joints, lol.
    If you are looking for clear elastic try looking at bead supply stores and do a google search for clear elastic cording. A good supply store is:
    Please continue with your wonderful tutorials.
    Talk to you again soon!
    Take care.

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