more asian bjd tutorials

was poking around in my thousands of bookmarks, and found this one – their dolls are wonderful and they walk you thru all kinds of steps on working on the dolls – click on the links along the left side of the window that are labeled with a year and month – and it shows their entries for that month…

bjd tutorial

and I’m starting to add some bjd tutorials to this site – starting with
BJD Tutorial : Sculpting a jointed hand for a bjd

3 thoughts on “more asian bjd tutorials

  1. Thanks for the jointed hand tutorial. This is the first time I saw a tutorial for the jointed hand. Very clear and nice!

  2. hello there

    i Saw the videos in the youtube and i saw the pictures in your site,

    I have done a lot of research in making dolls, but college took most of my time !

    I’m kinda free this time,

    I have decided to buy prosculpt to mold and shape the dolls,

    and i wanna make normal dolls and JBD too

    JBD are difficult to me,

    i have a really time understanding how to make the joints !!!!

    i don’t get it,,
    i tried to find tutorials that can help me . but there are any!

    i can shape everything head, body arms and legs, but how can i make the joints?

    can you please help me with that???

    how do i make the joints to the legs and arms??

    and do i bake the filling with the polymer clay??? then i remove it??

    i don’t know where and how to cit the legs and then joining them??
    and where and how should i put the metal joints and string !!!

    I’m sorry for the long email, but if you may can you help me with that part????

    weather in a tutorial inn a video or in pictures !

    wish you the best of luck in your work, looks amazing !

    it will be beautiful when you out hair and blush it !

    hope i will be hearing from you soon,

  3. just checking in quickly in the midst of chaos – sorry for not getting back to you sooner – best resource that I know of is the joint, forum for artists making bjds – sign up there a great combination of experienced and new artists working on the issues related to bjds. Also check out for Yoshida’s book Yoshida Style – his book on making bjds…. will get back to you again asap i get back!

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