starting a 6 month plan

Just finished my 2nd set of classes at Anatomy Tools in Alameda, CA. The first class was about animals with Damon Bard and Andrew Cawrse teaching – sculpting an animal in the round and “flaying” it down to bone and tendon in some parts. Incredible way to learn anatomy – and the great thing was that most of what i’ve learned this last year about human anatomy applied to the animal I chose – a gorilla. The face on the skin side owes most of its beauty to Damon Bard – he stopped by and with a few minutes of work added layers of nuance and detail. I want to learn to do that!!

chavant nsp gorilla
chavant nsp gorilla bone side

the second class was with Carlos Huante and Andrew Cawrse teaching from a concept by Carlos Huante. Forest Rogers also came to this class and did an amazing sculpt. I didn’t do so well here. It made me understand that i am truly challenged by being around people – and that I could truly psych myself into total freeze up.

It was really interesting – we were given a concept drawing of one side of a figure by Carlos. Our task was to read the drawing, and sculpt the figure in the round. I kept trying to make the figure stranger than it was. after the class, i went home, pulled the clay off of the armature and redid the figure completely – (after 2 nights of sleep with no nightmares! heavenly) I didn’t capture the otherworldly elegance of his design, but at least I don’t feel it was a total failure. We had a month after the class to refine it – but since I pulled mine totally apart (and then cut it apart 3 more times – I hate armatures!!!) I didn’t get the surface work done on it that it should have had.

from a design by Carlos Huante

so now I need to set myself a sculpt/month goal and stick to it. I’m considering posting here just to see if I can keep myself sculpting.

At this point – redoing the Carlos sculpt was the first month’s project.
I set myself weekly time goals – to analyze the sculpt, to rough it in on the armature, to refine gesture, outlines and main shapes, to subdivide shapes, to do surface treatment. The deadlines helped a lot. If I hadn’t forced myself to go forward onto the next step, i would still be stuck in the first 2 steps – analyzing and roughing it in.

Going forward, I have 3 sculpts in concept stage.
1. I’ve always been fascinated by triptychs and the transformation masks created by some of the cultures of the Pacific Northwest. Would like to explore the ideas in my own way.

2. Saw a photo of a woman in a beautifully contorted laying position

3. Chico – portrait of a friend’s chihuahua.

so by the end of May I need to have laid out the plans for each, chosen one to focus on (will probably work off and on on all 3) and worked thru, finishing at least one of them.

wish me luck?