I learned a lot when I took the amazing creature sculpting class through Of course, most of it was learning that i have so blamed much more to learn… but at least i also got clues on things to explore to improve what i sculpt.

One of those suggestions was to think about the flow of the sculpt. Each part of the sculpt should draw you on to the next – to explore contrapposto – posing, and more.

Michelangelo’s David is considered one of the great examples of contrapposto posing. So i thought I would try for something elegant and refined to practice on.

He had his own idea.

dancer in sulfur free plastilina

dancer in sulfur free plastilina

actually i like him a lot. I was thinking about what asian bjd companies call “tender” eyes, so gave him those – and i think he looks like he is in a trance. I like the contrast between his dorky self and the dance he is lost in.

I really don’t like this clay though — way too soft and sticky. and i just splurged and bought a whole bunch of it too. I think i’m going to press some between sheets of paper and see if i can leach some of the stickiness out…