been awhile…..

this year has been all about family and changes. learning about coping and accepting, and finding ways to keep myself from spiraling down —
thank you Forest, for always being there with brilliant and witty (on your part!) conversations to give me a boot in the rear when I needed it most…

And thank you Therese (twigling) for encouraging me to take on a bjd head project that has kept me playing with clay, so at least i’m not totally
blocked for sculpting….

I’ve gotten fascinated by photo manipulation which combines 2 passions – sculpting and photography – and have decided to see if I can come up
with some interesting pics of the things I sculpt….

so here is my first attempt – its not great, but its been a lot of fun to start learning photoshop …. and boy did i learn a lot about why this wasn’t
an especially great photo to start with!
Canary in the cage