some quick updates….

truly ridiculous – have 4 different jointed figures going at the moment.
Bug is in molding for resin casting,
the bjd horse is mostly a pipedream – with the first junk casts done to try to clean up and get working (really, REALLY didn’t like the wax I used for that figure)
the contortionist (2 faced child) has the beginnings of a torso – just roughed in, to work on getting the torso to curve around enough
2 faced child with beginnings of torso
2 faced child with beginnings of torso

and a little mermaid in the hopefully seahorse manner – is just started – some folk on the forum proposed a sculpt every day challenge for december – and i started the mermaid for that…. I intended to do a simple child with tail – but that isn’t how she is going….
beginning of mermaid torso
beginning of mermaid torso

now lets see what actually gets worked on!

Please help Lance and Carla

2 friends of my daughter Melina and her husband Paul: Lance and Carla Hoffman, were severely injured in the recent fire near Santa Barbara California when they had to run to their car thru a firestorm to escape the blaze.

the Montecito fire department have started a contribution fund for them :
The Lance and Carla Burn Fund
Santa Barbara Bank and Trust
1483 East Valley Road
Montecito, CA 93108-1248

on top of their injuries, they lost everything. anything that anyone might be able to do to help would be greatly appreciated, Here is information about a benefit for them, and here is a link to information about where you can send clothing etc…. or make a donation. Carla just woke up and they hope that Lance will wake up soon. Any help would be wonderful. You can read more about what happened to them here.

benefit screening for Lance and Carla - call 805-962-2098 extension 10

Here is more information about what happened :