bjd in a week

this last week i had planned to be at an ecorche/anatomy class in Scottsdale Arizona… but things didn’t work out. But i still had the week signed out of work as vacation — so i decided to see if I could psych myself into getting an entire sculpt done in that one week. I tend to lose interest or focus and spend more time surfing the web than sculpting when i have days off — i need to break myself of that!

so i set myself a goal to complete a small (around 8″) ball jointed doll in 7 days. It was surprising what took overly long, and what went well. Drawing a concept drawing so i could map out the joints just about did me in and took up most of the first day. (ok, actually – work called and I went into work for 5 hours, so the drawing took up most of what remained of that day) —- while the elbow and knee joints actually went quickly when i forced myself to stop telling myself I couldn’t do them – and just sat down and squished the clay.

so anyway – here are pics of bug —– 10″ fully functional bjd in grey superfirm sculpy.
a little too cute – but i’m happy with how he/she works…

standing bjd

more bjd standing

bjd from side