basilisk progress

what a crazy week. (hmmm, seems like I said something similar about last month, and probably last fall — weird. do I see a trend starting here? )

but at least the basilisk is progressing.

my son with the zombie phobia told me i was getting a little too weird for him. I didn’t see it. but i’m taking the comment under advisement. my daughter just said the figure was really evil. so I think he is sort of a success, though i just think he is really, really old. ( ok, a visual pun – he has a dinosaur-ish body to emphasize that he is old, right?


ok, i kind of get the impression that my sense of humor is perhaps best categorized as lame. )

I have the dreadful temptation to put a couple of insect wings hanging out of his mouth, like he has been caught in the act of munching a fairy….

I’ve been staying towards the safer side of the images in my head. i’ve always had very vivid nightmares, and mostly they aren’t images that i can make in 3d — should have been a painter i think, if i really wanted to inflict them on anyone else. But i decided to try to make some of the kinder, gentler images come to life. Maybe eventually i’ll get to the ones that scare me.

anyway – what do you think?

basilik man in progress

next steps —- I love photoshop

took another pic to see how things are going — I’ve noticed that I see issues in pictures that I don’t see when I look at the piece in person – so i’m teaching myself to take pics from various angles as I work, and check to see how it looks.

took the opportunity this time to see how he would look with a shorter tail, and thinking about the size of the back legs and arms —- just very rough strokes of the paintbrush to give me an idea….

starting to add texture to the leg, and bulk out his neck too….
in progress pic of basilisk man

armature taking shape

decided to build an illusion of the skeleton as part of the armature. I want to see if laying the skin of premier over this makes it easier to get the bony effect i see in my head.

( ok – honestly – I just love skeletons…. found a wonderful site yesterday – this person sells books on how to put skeletons of various types of animals together. I am torn between loving skeletons and hating killing creatures to get them. Guess I’ll just have to get better at sculpting them….
the site is The Boneman.)
basilisk armature - some muscle, some skeleton

hey, this might work…..

i’ve moaned before about my blunt, clumsy hands and how i wish i could work in miniature size… for one thing, boy would it make it easier to ship these things – which might make me feel better about selling them (and boy would i love the extra money sometimes…. clay, resin and silicon mold stuff add up so blamed fast – and then there is that whole book addiction thingie….)

but another really good side benefit would be that the blamed things would fit in ovens when its time to dry the clay (or bake it…..)

its been pretty cold here lately – (i’m in the San Jose area of California so take that statement with a large grain of salt….. ) and we’ve been running our gas fireplace — the cats and the chihuahua have found their new happy place —– so this morning when i’m looking at the blasted feet on this sucker and bawling myself out for not making the whole armature detachable (by the way – I bought a cd by John Brown on making the Characer Armature where he talks about making the whole armature like that… you can get them at ClayAlley.)

and I noticed that the cat was sleeping wistfully in front of the currently cold gas fire and thought – why not?
drying in front of gas fireplace

this clay is Diamond – it turns red if the heat gets above about 250 or so — it will be interesting to see what color the feet turn…. (there is going to be a finishing layer of Premier over the Diamond )

anyone else out there currently getting flooded by more rain than i’ve seen since we moved here from Mass about 15 years ago? I don’t think we are going to have to worry about the whole drought thing this year after all!