old head

signed up to take a class from Bill Nelson who I greatly admire, on making character heads. wonderful to see all the pics of heads he has done.

his way of doing things doesn’t come natural for me – but it inspired me to try to do something my own style that has the degree of life and character that his has…

so this is the head i’ve been working on….
old wrinkly character head

not sure if i’ll ever end up doing anything with it, but it was fun to make all the wrinkles and put the hair on …. maybe i’ll try again more in my own scale (this head is about 7″ tall!) and see what happens…

ok, tried again, in paperclay — paperclay works completely differently than polymer does.
it was much harder to get the face going – but once the features were in place, manipulating the wrinkles actually seemed a little better in the paperclay.

this head is smaller – only about 5″ tall. still not as small as I need.
fun though.

old wrinkly character head in paperclay

strange, strange fall…

ok, back from the wilds of Oregon (not so wild these days – but still beautiful. Loved going over the Siskiyou pass…. there is a (maybe 2?) sculptor up there who has made these huge metal animals – a steer and a dragon – and they are set beside I5 up high, near Weed —– the dragon has what looks like a solar panel attached to it, but i’ve never seen it moving or anything…. i would love to do some lifesize or bigger sculpts…. there is something awesome about working that large. but where would I put them? and what would i make them out of…. hmmmm, going to have to think about that a bit.)

so many things i need to be doing, and all i want to do is sleep. I suspect this is a rough time of year for a lot of folk. one of my worst temptations are the moving christmas decorations. I always wanted to buy one and redo it a little more to my taste. But, as usual, i’m broke again —- some year i’ll remember to save some money so i can buy one at the after holiday sales…

so what i’m actually working on right now are heads for bjds…. these are challenges for me, because the aesthetic for bjd’s is very different than my own. and i’m having to concentrate on smoothing everything perfectly. its a nice size to work (about 22″) but my fingers don’t like to make the tiny details around the eyes as perfect as they need to be.

Therese Olsen from Australia (of Twiglimbs fame — you can see some examples of her beautiful work at the International Association of BJD Artists page – International Association of BJD Artists page ) makes the most beautiful SD sized bjd girl body – and she has loaned me a torso to experiment with heads on… I’m very anxious to see whatelse she comes up with…

a little familial pride here…. Meagan Lillich has started working on her first ever sculpt – and has the body beautifully done… you can follow her progress at her blog Creating Oblivion She knows the head she wants to make for Oblivion – but is going to let me sculpt some for the body too….. she is going to be starting joints over the holidays… I’m so glad she finally picked up clay — she is a wonderful sketch artist, with strange, wild ideas – I think she will be incredible as a figurative sculptor…..

here is a head I’m currently working on ….

new bjd head on torso

new bjd head on torso

new bjd head on torso

new bjd head on torso

new bjd head on torso

the grey firm super sculpy changes color the more times it bakes so the head is very mottled. but I like it like that… it will be a relief when it is cast all in nice plain white resin, but I like this spotty dark grey too. I’m thinking of making a body out of this clay too as a one of a kind…. have to see. I’m not good at making joints….