Sun in a Jar….

Once more, Thinkgeek has managed to come up with something that i didn’t realize I needed until I saw it.

Sun in a Jar

I think I’ll get some of these for work. its pretty dismal there right now….

hmmmm – ok, this might be a good idea – or depressing, not sure which —- DaysAgo Refrigerator Timer.

and finally – this one I think i seriously lust after…. need it at work too….
Chain Mail t-shirt

ok, back to work on the molds…. (and not the ones we sometimes find in the refrigerator – that daysago thing is probably a good idea……)


Suzanne Urban has been encouraging me to think about trying to sell something on ebay. I could always use more money for clay — and I’m fascinated by ebay —- just haven’t been able to imagine trying to actually sell there.

but she got me thinking about small things that I might like to make – like ornaments. Have to admit, that kind of stumped me for a bit… we do not participate in any welldefined religion – and we don’t tend to do much for most general holidays (ok – the kids LOVED getting easter baskets full of candy — we love toasting Peeps, and have participated in a fair amount of Peep Research and we each have our favorite style of Cadbury Creme Eggs (how validating is it to be in wikipedia? cool….)

so I wasn’t too sure about what kind of ornaments I could make. But anyway – I started trying to make masks for Asian BJDs and some of my own sculpts – and started thinking how they would make ornaments that I would enjoy.

Mask on Christmas tree

Mask on Christmas tree

I think this could be fun – sculpt a face in oilbased clay, make a plaster mold and cast some copies in flumo. Then make each one unique and different – some with horns, some with hair, etc etc…. I’ve always wanted to experiment with flumo (anything with a name like that has to be worth playing with……) — it is a pourable paperclay —- but boy is it a lot of work to get a clean mold that gives you good casts! And faces I love in the oilbased clay, don’t necessarily look good in the mold — wierd.

some NIADA pics

Lloyd Wilson was at NIADA, and did some photography for folk who wanted it. He does a wonderful job, and is incredibly patient – even with things as hard to photograph as my plain white folk are….

Just got my cd’s from the photo session – and he was so very kind as to include some pics he had taken on other days…

first up – and the real prize : A pic of two of the coolest folk ever, his lady Diane Keeler and Forest Rogers —– this is one of my most favorite remembrances of the whole conference….

Diane Keeler and Forest Rogers

Here is a picture of the three of us who joined as NIADA artists this year : On the far left is Reina Brill who knits brilliant cheerful nightmares from wire, then me, then Olga Roehl who creates graceful dreams in beautiful colors — and we are joined by the wonderful Donna May Robinson who makes the most awesome cloth figures ever imagined.

Reina, myself, Olga and Donna May

and lastly – I can no longer say that i never win anything!!! I actually won a wonderful little child figure from Tine Kamerbeek

Tine Kamerbeek's doll and me!

my family will faint. These are more pictures of me than they thought ever existed. and I’m even putting them up on the web.
the world may be ending.

ok, enough sitting around – time to get going again!

boy does time disappear fast! oh blech – i’m starting to sound like my grandparents…. “oh honey, when you get older, time just flies!”

oh no – and I just bought a purplish jacket too! ok. i see two possibilities here – either go find some nifty articles on all those artists who live to 120, so i’ll feel like a mere infant —- or just go be very childish for awhile…. hmmmm, decisions, decisions…

ok, while the few brain cells i still have are attempting to fire…

Was wandering around looking for more neat artists, after looking at Allison Sommers that Coralie recommended, and found

David Stoupakis I love his red ribbon girl…

James Jean I’ve loved the videos for a lot of My Chemical Romance’s songs – and he did the cover art for Black Parade….. awesome

and thank goodness for High Fructose and Juxtapose magazines…

here is Amy Sol — I love her creatures.

Ok, spent too much time enjoying other people’s art. need to go work on something of my own now….