angel lady in a peaceful mood. still havent figured out what is happening on the back (inner sides) of her wings.


angel lady

ok – been futzing around with her wings all morning….
like the tops (though they are very stylized and not realistic at all :

angel lady

and I think i can live with the backs of the wings looking something like this….

angel lady

angel lady

boy do i hate the idea of having to actually finish something – to never be able to change it again. ideas don’t stay static – what seems ok right now won’t be right tomorrow — i wish there were some way to never have to let a piece leave, to always be able to look at it and say – boy did i blow that part, THIS is how it really should have been done….

i wonder if everyone has this problem.
probably not.


ok, not as steampunk as I wished – i can’t seem to make watch gear wings for him that I like… but he has been a whole lot of fun to do.

all my images are too big this week, so you can see him here

going to have to do more like him – making all those tiny boot details were fun…..

AAAACCCKKKKK!!!! only 2 weeks to go!

oh man, i’m sitting here squishing clay on the poor angel person’s wings (if i pull everything off of the back of her wings again, she will probably stalk off and go sit beside the gargoyle, too mad to come back and let me work on her any more…….) telling myself its ok, its only june got a month to go – when it suddenly dawns on me its the end of june, and i rush and look at the stupid calendar and I only have 2 weeks to finish everything up.

i’m doomed.

the foothill lady (you can see her here) is pretty much done. but i did her for my own enjoyment – not sure anyone will be too interested in her.

I’ll post pics of the angel. I could probably keep futzing around with her for months. sigh. I’m going to sand everything down as best i can and see what happens.

but what for the 3rd piece? and how do i get these big ones out to Detroit? I’ve heard that USPS just raised their shipping costs – guess i’ll have to go check it out.

don’t mind me – just venting a little neurosis over here…..

cross country traveling….

ended up driving from Providence RI to Boulder CO last week….it was quiet and pretty painless…. the rental car had satelite radio and I discovered that Trance is great to drive to, each piece melted into the next and the beat was energetic enough to keep me awake. on the downside, i don’t remember what indiana looked like…..

started out the trip with Forest along, so the first hotel was all her fault…. we walk down the hall (nonsmoking wing, reeks of cigarettes but they’ve tried to disguise it with the strongest sweetest lemon air spray i’ve ever encountered….) and notice that the doors have the normal room number both at eye level and about 1 foot off the ground. Forest starts hypothesizing about Lovecraftian visitors slithering down the hall on their bellies …… once in the room, after pointing out that someone had been trying to pry the window screen off from the outside – she tells me a rest-conducive victorian tale all about a giant chicken tick hiding in your pillow and sucking your blood out while you sleep. In the morning I woke up with my face all swollen. I’m pretty sure it was from the chemicals from the laundry detergent – but I decided not to look in the pillow to see who might be there… Everyone should have a chance to travel with Forest. the world is a very different place in her company….

Forest and Birdie boarded a plane in Cleveland – what a great airport that is, so easy to drive around and find things in. Thank goodness, when the security guard required that Forest remove Birdie from his bird-carrier box, for the first time all trip, she was able to catch him without him getting loose (She had to do some body surfing across boxes and luggage in the back of the car to catch him the last two times she checked on him in the car) —- we had both envisioned this horrible disaster having to chase him while he fluttered thru the crowd at the airport security station. they both had a safe and uneventful flight.

its interesting – driving west from the east coast, you can get on a toll road in about massachusetts, and you basically stay on the toll way for over a 1000 miles driving along the north edge of the US. the states change, but there is always a rest-stop/macdonalds-or-burgerking/cinnabon-or-dairyqueen every 40 miles. all with identical parking lots. got to thinking about rosencrantz and guildenstern.

as i drove thru Nebraska I saw an “Omaha Steaks” sign, and currently being a carnivore, the craving started…decided by dinner time that I was going to treat myself to a good steak. Unfortunately my westcoast perception of steak turns out to be very different than that of the buffet advertising steaks that I stopped at. I’ve never seen a ribeye steak about 10″ across and 1/4″ thick before. interesting texture too. why is it I love gristle when I buy it intentionally in my Pho, but am not fond of it in steak? didn’t have the heart to eat much of it, but was still feeling a little nauseous when I started driving past the feed lots. thousands of cows, standing in the mud, just waiting to be killed. (ok, all that pondering about rosencrantz and guildenstern probably influenced my pondering) Then the cow carrying truck went by with the motto “Last Ride” across the front…. i guess i’ve been a wimpy californian for too long now.

decided its time to go back to being a vegetarian. at the end of the trip, met a lovely lady, Regina – who told me about the anti-inflammatory diet she and her daughter Sarah are starting —- no beef. works for me. (well, i’m not too sure about the no-chocolate part….. going to have to search the internet for low-fat chocolate……)

when I left home (california) to start the trip – it was about 70 degrees. not quite a week later, i’m flying home by way of Phoenix where it is 104 degrees – I’m laughing and telling myself how glad I’ll be to be home and cool – its 101 degrees in San Jose when I land. but i’m home.

portrait of the artist as a small coastal foothill…..

decided I wanted a change from making fragile etherial fey folk….. so for fun decided to do a portrait of a woman of a certain age, and a comfortable build…. i tend to obsess on finding the bone beneath the skin —- but even though her bones are very definitely buried, I loved making the ample volumes.

we drive up to the Sierras pretty often, and there are these hills that always make me think of driving up between a mountainous lady’s legs towards her rounded belly ….. – sometimes I wonder – doesn’t everyone see these hills like that? and if so, why aren’t people giggling more in the cars around us? I would love to do a 3d animation of her sitting up, and the cars spilling off the road around her….

foothill lady in progress