I need to take 3 sculpts to NIADA this summer – and am working on a bunch of different projects – hopefully 3 decent pieces will fall out of this.

thoughts of a friend and her family, combined with memories of the music video for the old Live song – Lightening Crashes, and got me thinking about life and death, transitions and angels….

got started on this piece – hoping she will develop into something beautiful

angel armature

a little later – here she is in my very messy workspace (belive it or not, this is very cleaned up for me – I don’t have a formal studio space, instead just grabbing whatever table space is available. unfortunately, some of my family seem to want to eat dinner on the dining room table —- its the best space in the house, lovely french doors out to the back patio let in lots of light – and i can sprawl out….. on the other hand – here is a more acceptable space – the portable work table in the spare bedroom. sigh. oh to be rich…..)

angel in workspace

making some progress here…. the “feathers” feel like skin to me, and i’m playing with thoughts of making the center quill fingerbone like…. I suspect she won’t have hair – but i’m thinking about some sort of something around her head….. or not. i hate deadlines….

angel wip

angel wip

beinArt Surreal Art Collective

I was looking for new ideas and images to spark some new sculpts, and came across the beinArt Surreal Art Collective. I had fallen in love with Jon Beinart’s Toddlerpedes a couple of years ago – and then I found his Surreal art website – with a bunch of artists I love like Scott Radke and John Van der Holk there….

best of all – he has some of the best links i’ve ever run across.

(he also is a very kind soul, who added me to his gallery, WOOT!)

worry, worry……

I’ve got till mid july to come up with 3 sculpts that I feel are the best i can do….. I’m approaching the last steps of jurying into an organization that i really really covet…. I just have to try not to mess up and offend folk, and try to come up with good work. as usual i’m running off in all kinds of directions instead of staying focused. I’ll post some pics of pieces i’m working on later….. Its interesting, when i post pictures, i see flaws that i don’t see when i just look at the piece in person….

but in the meantime – i’m sidetracking on some pieces for fun… and working on a piece to repay an incredible bjd customizer – Armeleia – (when I find the link to her customizations, i’ll post it) for a couple of wonderful pieces….

anyway – she asked for something steampunk and it turned me in a not normal direction for me… and i kind of suspect she might have wanted one of my more usual type figures. This was a good experience for me, I haven’t actually tried to do a “commission” type piece before – usually what ever pops to mind when i sit down to start is what happens… It is good to learn about trying to aim a piece towards someone else’s expectations…

just hope i can do something she will like eventually!

steam punk boy started...

I’m having fun looking for pictures of boots (trying to sculpt buckles and straps in 10″ scale in paperclay is going to be a challenge for me…. but fun), goggles, frockcoats and aviator helmets…..

and thinking about tiny steampunk wings in honor of the little steampunk automaton Armeleia did for me….

and meanwhile i’m playing with a tiny (6″ tall) bjd centaur creature named Pip!


I want to have him done in time to take with me in July, just in case i need some cheering up….
its friday, I need to head to my day job and i really, really wish i could stay here and squish clay…..