The Museum of Dust

got sidetracked by many things – not too many of which were claybased, unfortunately…

but was searching the web for ideas – and found this great blog : The Museum of Dust – Providing Sanctuary for the Misplaced, the Forgotten and the Misbegotten since 2006.

A. – I love diatoms,
B. – definitely a warped sense of reality here…

I hope they come back soon…..

wabi-sabi – a culture of simplicity

i’ve spent a lot of time trying to find media that feels right for me. I’ve tried bronzes, polymers, and more – and found they didn’t feel right for me, but didn’t have the right words to explain why. I have better control over the details if I sculpt in waxes for bronze, and in polymerclays – but something about them feels wrong. I found that for me, the paper/stone clays with their promise of ephemeralness if you so chose – feel better.

I’ve started reading about the Japanese culture of Wabi-Sabi

from Resurgence issue 203

“Wabi-sabi is a beauty of things imperfect, impermanent and incomplete.

It is a beauty of things modest and humble.

It is a beauty of things unconventional.”

and I think this fits with part of what i’m searching for….

more references…

Japanese Aesthetics, Wabi-Sabi, and the Tea Ceremony

Still in the stream

the Jester

gave myself a challenge last week – decided I wanted to try again to sculpt a tiny figure in paperclay. (I’m kind of clumsy, i definitely do better with figures at least 18″ tall – I figure fairy sculptors on ebay must have abnormally delicate fingers. I, on the other hand, based on the undelicateness of my fingers, am probably supposed to be sculpting elephants.)

anyway – feeling masochistic, so I started an 8″ figure. Actually its turning out pretty well. fought with her face until I liked it, then covered it up with a mask — now i’m working on detailing her fingers and toes.

my second child looked at her and said she needed corset piercings. (thanks, dear……) so tried that too. I really like the effect – but they don’t look realistic… first child pointed out that in that small scale I hadn’t caught the pulled flesh effect and pointed me to the website of a piercing/performance art group that she knew from Santa Barbara, The Aesthetic Meat Foundation, where there are some of the most incredible leather corsets and disturbing body art photos I’ve found…. very goth very dark. will have to explore some of these images in future sculpts….

for now, here is my naive and innocent jester – work in progress…

jester side back


molded leather masks

was talking with a friend about molding leather, and i remembered a site that I had seen some time ago that had wonderful molded leather masks.

still haven’t found it – but while I was poking around, I found The Maskmaker’s Web

started looking at sites and found Falconrose – incredible molded leather “masks of the Renaissance and Faery”

i would love to make some figures with masks …

just for fun – coloring books….

got a chance to spend 2 days mostly sculpting – great fun, and have an 8″ pocket fairy with all the easy stuff done to show for it. Now I have to work on her hands….. my fingers are just too awkward!

so I’m taking a break and poking around on the web some more. Not finding the stone age carvings I was looking for – so here is second best…. coloring books! (ok, so maybe I’ve been inhaling clay dust a little too long……)

here is an incredible resource of coloring books for kids…. Kirikou is incredible!

or the National Geographic’s collection of wildlife coloring pages.

Junie B Jones on-line coloring book

a personal favorite – the Neuroscience coloring book

Keith haring’s deceptively simple but addictive coloring book for kids… and pages to print out and color…

The Discordian Color Book

the random coloring book – press reload to get new pics…

the Executive Coloring Book

Arts and Kids Coloring Book – just slightly warped…

beautiful Jan Brett coloring pages…

Mercer Meyer coloring pages …

and lets end this for today with possibly the most important one…. the Coloring book at the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster hope everyone has a new 72 box of crayons…..