Mali – dreamtime

I took Mali and the Faun with me to the Magnum Opus show in New York City… It was a wonderful time – got to meet a bunch of folk that i’ve talked with online, but never met in person – and I got to see their sculpts live. On top of that, i met a number of people that I didn’t know beforehand. There were some incredible pieces there – if you ever have the chance to attend – go for it. It is just a one evening show …. but besides the friends I was looking forward to meeting (Pat and Tom Kochie, Joanna Thomas, Michelle Bradshaw, Vicki Arentz, Chandra Cerchione-Peltier, Sarah Niemela) I got to see Virginie Ropars, Linda Kolman, Karen Williams Smith, Tatiana Baeva, Judith and Lucia Friedericy, Diane Keeler, Linda Kertzman, Cynthia Malbon, Jon Midura, Maryanne Oldenburg, Tom Francirek, Andre Oliveira and Mark Dennis —— and I met Hanna Hranovska and her husband Yuri, who have to be two of the sweetest people in the world…

Mali - dreamtime

Mali 2 - dreamtime