more asian bjd tutorials

was poking around in my thousands of bookmarks, and found this one – their dolls are wonderful and they walk you thru all kinds of steps on working on the dolls – click on the links along the left side of the window that are labeled with a year and month – and it shows their entries for that month…

bjd tutorial

and I’m starting to add some bjd tutorials to this site – starting with
BJD Tutorial : Sculpting a jointed hand for a bjd

making asian style ball jointed dolls

I fell in love with asian bjds awhile back… there are some incredible artists that you can find on the web –
check out Minori Doll and Hizuki Doll for example, and follow their links for many more…

Many commercial ones are becoming available here – One of the largest Japanese companies has a US site now, Volks USA. Many of my personal favorites are Korean, like Custom House and Dollstown. And there are starting to be some really nice small Chinese companies available – like Myth Doll

Some wonderful places to see dolls by dozens of the companies are Gigglegeek and Atziluth.

Thru a forum for commercial asian ball jointed dolls, Den of Angels, I’ve met and found a number of artists making their own bjds –

Nita Collins, Sleetwealth will be releasing Briar soon :

Fancy Boots released Liebchen

Eileen Sterbach has lovely one of a kind bjds at Intrepid Creations

Check out Bishonen House

Kaye Wiggs has lovely resin bjds

and got interested in making my own.

There are a bunch of tutorials on the web – but definitely my favorite is this one. click on each link, and pull it into Babelfish to translate.

just a quick update – I’ve started a tutorial on making a jointed bjd hand and posted it at :
BJD Tutorial : Sculpting a jointed hand for a bjd

I did a minor tutorial for Den of Angels awhile back, that I’ll put up here too.

There is a wonderful book available in Japan, Yoshida Style that is a tutorial on making bjds in airdry clay.

here are a few of the bjds i’m working on




Big Boy

and sometimes just for fun….

after seeing Ghost Rider I just had to try making a skull head for a bjd…. not great, but ok for proof of concept!

Johnny Blaze

that is what I love most about these – being able to play….

Surreal Art

I was searching the web for pictures of skulls the other day – ( – we went to see Ghost Rider and I decided I needed to make a skull head for some of my asian ball jointed dolls) – and I came across :
Sarina Brewer’s Taxidermy Art site

I grew up in Oregon – there were taxidermy shops all over the place – I kind of struggle with the whole “what if your soul is stuck here until your body disintegrates” question – but I still love her feejee mermaid…

She also has a great page of links where I found :
The Beinart International Surreal Art Collective

there is some wonderful art there…

also : the Society for Art of imagination

Works in Progress

I’ve been wanting to see if I could find a way to be able to easily post comments and pictures on the fly – images of pieces I’m working on, links to cool sites I find, and idiot comments about nothing at all….. it seemed like a good excuse to learn about blogs…

so here is a current work in progress…. currently called Dark Angel

I took an armature class from Forest Rogers at NIADA the summer of 2006 – great class from a phenomenal artist. She showed ways to put armatures even in the tinies of fingers –

dark angel in progress

Hello world!

wow – writer’s block! I wonder about people who can just sit down and write intelligent, witty words when faced with a blank page…

of course, any reasonable, intelligent, neurotic person immediately freezes and stares at the screen till drool hits the keyboard.

oh well, eventually something may show up here…