Kamila Mlynarczyk – woodedwoods.com

met a great new dollmaker at NIADA, Kamila is Canadian – really sweet person, sells on ebay as Alimaky and has a wonderfully twisted, detailed mind….
her figures are polymer with softbodies and wonderful costumes …. she also gives incredible attention to the details of their environment and presentation.
I really enjoyed talking with her – she created a wonderful printed board book showing her work that I fell in love with….

my personal favorite was her blind girl… Kamla's blind girl

she also had 2 sleeping (?) brothers – Kamila's sleepers

her website is woodedwoods.com , can’t wait to see more by her….

Sun in a Jar….

Once more, Thinkgeek has managed to come up with something that i didn’t realize I needed until I saw it.

Sun in a Jar

I think I’ll get some of these for work. its pretty dismal there right now….

hmmmm – ok, this might be a good idea – or depressing, not sure which —- DaysAgo Refrigerator Timer.

and finally – this one I think i seriously lust after…. need it at work too….
Chain Mail t-shirt

ok, back to work on the molds…. (and not the ones we sometimes find in the refrigerator – that daysago thing is probably a good idea……)

ok, enough sitting around – time to get going again!

boy does time disappear fast! oh blech – i’m starting to sound like my grandparents…. “oh honey, when you get older, time just flies!”

oh no – and I just bought a purplish jacket too! ok. i see two possibilities here – either go find some nifty articles on all those artists who live to 120, so i’ll feel like a mere infant —- or just go be very childish for awhile…. hmmmm, decisions, decisions…

ok, while the few brain cells i still have are attempting to fire…

Was wandering around looking for more neat artists, after looking at Allison Sommers that Coralie recommended, and found

David Stoupakis I love his red ribbon girl…

James Jean I’ve loved the videos for a lot of My Chemical Romance’s songs – and he did the cover art for Black Parade….. awesome

and thank goodness for High Fructose and Juxtapose magazines…

here is Amy Sol — I love her creatures.

Ok, spent too much time enjoying other people’s art. need to go work on something of my own now….

2Blowhards blog….

i’m in that “avoidance” stage, where I desperately need to finish up 2 pieces so I can ship them tomorrow —- but really, really don’t even want to look at them….

so wandering around on line, I found a reference to 2blowhards blog

some great reading here about all kinds of different subjects….

beinArt Surreal Art Collective

I was looking for new ideas and images to spark some new sculpts, and came across the beinArt Surreal Art Collective. I had fallen in love with Jon Beinart’s Toddlerpedes a couple of years ago – and then I found his Surreal art website – with a bunch of artists I love like Scott Radke and John Van der Holk there….

best of all – he has some of the best links i’ve ever run across.

(he also is a very kind soul, who added me to his gallery, WOOT!)

The Museum of Dust

got sidetracked by many things – not too many of which were claybased, unfortunately…

but was searching the web for ideas – and found this great blog : The Museum of Dust – Providing Sanctuary for the Misplaced, the Forgotten and the Misbegotten since 2006.

A. – I love diatoms,
B. – definitely a warped sense of reality here…

I hope they come back soon…..