ramping up here!

– ok, 2 posts in, urm, several months may not really rank as ramping up – but i’m working at it!!

have been really immersed in creating what i hope will be a helpful guide to making your own BJD – but from Meg and my own slightly twisted point of view… Truly love the beautiful resin factory BJDs — but what we both love sculpting is quirky OOAK premier ones… so that is what we focused on trying to explain.

right now i’m deep in trying to describe how to sculpt bjd hands – words are not my native tongue. just saying. but its forcing me to think carefully about how i build the armatures, and why – and as a result i feel much more confident in the process i use. So i’m working on hands for the Angel and will post new pics soon.

Starting over…


Wow – its been a long time since I’ve posted here… a lot of changes in my life. But now it might be time to start fresh and see if i can get posting and sculpting more again.

I’m preparing for an introductory bjd jointing class at NIADA in Florida in August 2013 right now – (check out the full line up of teachers and classes at http://niada.org/dollschool.html

And am in the process of making kits and documenting procedures — so just to get me started – here is a quick concept drawing from the bjd i’m working on for the class :

WIP BJD concept drawing

WIP BJD concept drawing

making asian style ball jointed dolls

I fell in love with asian bjds awhile back… there are some incredible artists that you can find on the web –
check out Minori Doll and Hizuki Doll for example, and follow their links for many more…

Many commercial ones are becoming available here – One of the largest Japanese companies has a US site now, Volks USA. Many of my personal favorites are Korean, like Custom House and Dollstown. And there are starting to be some really nice small Chinese companies available – like Myth Doll

Some wonderful places to see dolls by dozens of the companies are Gigglegeek and Atziluth.

Thru a forum for commercial asian ball jointed dolls, Den of Angels, I’ve met and found a number of artists making their own bjds –

Nita Collins, Sleetwealth will be releasing Briar soon :

Fancy Boots released Liebchen

Eileen Sterbach has lovely one of a kind bjds at Intrepid Creations

Check out Bishonen House

Kaye Wiggs has lovely resin bjds

and got interested in making my own.

There are a bunch of tutorials on the web – but definitely my favorite is this one. click on each link, and pull it into Babelfish to translate.

just a quick update – I’ve started a tutorial on making a jointed bjd hand and posted it at :
BJD Tutorial : Sculpting a jointed hand for a bjd

I did a minor tutorial for Den of Angels awhile back, that I’ll put up here too.

There is a wonderful book available in Japan, Yoshida Style that is a tutorial on making bjds in airdry clay.

here are a few of the bjds i’m working on




Big Boy

and sometimes just for fun….

after seeing Ghost Rider I just had to try making a skull head for a bjd…. not great, but ok for proof of concept!

Johnny Blaze

that is what I love most about these – being able to play….

Surreal Art

I was searching the web for pictures of skulls the other day – ( – we went to see Ghost Rider and I decided I needed to make a skull head for some of my asian ball jointed dolls) – and I came across :
Sarina Brewer’s Taxidermy Art site

I grew up in Oregon – there were taxidermy shops all over the place – I kind of struggle with the whole “what if your soul is stuck here until your body disintegrates” question – but I still love her feejee mermaid…

She also has a great page of links where I found :
The Beinart International Surreal Art Collective

there is some wonderful art there…

also : the Society for Art of imagination

Works in Progress

I’ve been wanting to see if I could find a way to be able to easily post comments and pictures on the fly – images of pieces I’m working on, links to cool sites I find, and idiot comments about nothing at all….. it seemed like a good excuse to learn about blogs…

so here is a current work in progress…. currently called Dark Angel

I took an armature class from Forest Rogers at NIADA the summer of 2006 – great class from a phenomenal artist. She showed ways to put armatures even in the tinies of fingers –

dark angel in progress

Hello world!

wow – writer’s block! I wonder about people who can just sit down and write intelligent, witty words when faced with a blank page…

of course, any reasonable, intelligent, neurotic person immediately freezes and stares at the screen till drool hits the keyboard.

oh well, eventually something may show up here…